MERGE Greenwich Report

August 1st, 2018

The MERGE Greenwich consortium has recently completed a year-long research project that examined how autonomous vehicle ride sharing services can be commercially viable and city compatible, and whether they support making our cities greener, more efficient and more accessible.

The 12-month project, delivered by an Addison Lee led consortium, including Immense, Transport Systems Catapult, Ford, DG Cities and TRL, used the Royal Borough of Greenwich to model, test and assess options. The MERGE consortium used Immense's software simulation tools (developed in the TALON R&D project) to test viability of new mobility service designs by simulating alternative business/operational models and evaluating them against a set of commercially-relevant KPI's, alongside criteria that would impact on the compatibility of such services within a city environment. Immense was able to assess how autonomous vehicle ride-sharing could work alongside public transport and what the effects of implementing such a service would be.

Key findings from the MERGE Greenwich project include:

  • One in four journeys could be made via autonomous vehicle ride-sharing by 2025, delivering substantial consumer and social benefits
  • Report shows this is dependent on a number of factors, including a fall in the cost of vehicles and the right customer pricing to ensure appropriate shifts from other modes of transport
  • Reductions of up to 43% can be achieved in travel times between homes and existing public transport hubs such as tube and rail stations, saving a commuter 3.5 days a year
  • Thousands of unneeded car parking spaces could be repurposed as journeys requiring parking dropped by up to 38%
  • The consortium called on Government to convene national and local government together with the private sector in a top-level task force to develop a strategic plan towards adoption of CAVS and Mobility as a Service

The full findings from the report can be found below:

The full details on TALON can be found: here.

The simulation tools Immense applied in MERGE can be applied globally and will enable rapid exploration of international markets and accelerated deployment of commercially viable autonomous ride-share schemes with UK technology and companies at its core. If you would like to find out more about Immense's simulation software and how you can use it, sign up to our beta programme: here. or email us directly