TALON Project Nearing Completion

August 1st, 2018

Immense's debut Research & Development project TALON is scheduled for accelerated project completion.

In 2016 Immense won a £3.2 million collaborative bid from the government's £100 million Intelligent Mobility fund, administered by CCAV and delivered by Innovate UK. In collaboration with Improbable and Cubic, Immense have built a modular, scalable, mobility service simulation environment able to support the operational delivery and reconfiguration of autonomous mobility fleets.

When TALON was launched in June 2016 the key project aim was to develop software that could optimise the operation of connected autonomous vehicle fleets at city scale, to support both strategic and operational decision making and enhance fleet management. The primary challenges for the project were simulating mobility systems at this scale and level of detail for the first time and ensuring the decision support system developed worked optimally for real time deployment.

Ahead of the planned project completion in May 2019, TALON is due to be completed early in the Autumn/Winter of 2018 after completing project goals and milestones ahead of schedule; a huge achievement. Immense has delivered a new generation of scalable fleet management tools, establishing multiple data and simulation interfaces which have customisable and easily accessible user interfaces. The simulation engine developed is also able to integrate with third party modules, for example Improbable's SpatialOS and Unity.

The technology has been deployed in user-focused trials in the UK'S world-leading CAV testbed environments, including West Midlands and London via Merge. Immense have recently launched a beta programme, allowing the simulation platform built in the TALON project to be tested and refined by key partners. We are also running a series of corporate pilots over the next 6 months.

The full details on TALON can be found:here.

To get involved and find out how you can use our simulation software, sign up to our beta programme at: here.