Merge Project Results

July 5, 2018
merge results

Ride-share services are increasingly seen as a great way to augment conventional mobility services by utilizing empty seats in passenger cars and minibuses. With active trials involving a rich variety of prototype vehicles and systems currently underway around the world, with ride-share, the much-heralded arrival of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) potentially brings a radical opportunity to improve the way we travel around cities.

The MERGE Greenwich consortium brings together a unique and exciting team of specialist transport organisations to assess the future impact of CAVs from different stakeholder perspectives. The MERGE Greenwich project will test the ability of CAVs to provide the public with the flexible benefits of private vehicles and to reach areas not covered by public transport to improve transport accessibility, while reducing the need for private vehicles and parking, and decreasing the number of vehicles on London's roads..

The consortium has been led by Addison Lee (a London-based premium mobility company with 10 million passengers in 83 countries). It includes Ford (the multinational motor OEM), DG Cities (part of the Royal Borough of Greenwich), TRL (world-leading transport research, technology and software solutions), Transport Systems Catapult (UK's technology and innovation centre for intelligent mobility) and Immense Simulations (creators the first of a new generation of large-scale transport mobility simulators).

Over a breakfast briefing, the consortium will share its blueprint on how autonomous ride-sharing could be integrated into London's public transport system. The year-long project has addressed some key issues, such as:

  • Customer attitudes towards AVs and ride-share;
  • The estimated market for AV ride-share;
  • AV ride-share integration with public transport systems;
  • Impact on congestion, emissions and transport efficiency;
  • Types of vehicles required for an AV ride-sharing service; and,
  • Commercial viability of an AV ride-sharing service.

Immense Simulations is delighted to invite all our customers and stakeholders to the official project results event. Not only will give it an opportunity to hear the MERGE Greenwich results first hand but we'll be very happy to discuss our particular contribution to the project: i.e. modelling fleets of different types CAVs. We've developed novel ways to undertake a simultaneous 'fleet' and 'demand' simulation using:

  • a 'demand' model (MATsim) which tries to predict who (and how many) will use what mode of transport, and
  • the IMSim CAP which tries to predict how people use autonomous vehicles to serve the demand for rideshare in Autonomous Vehicles (AVs).

We've approached the problem in a novel way. Even apart from the so-called co-simulation, we've used 'greedy optimisation' methods - very novel and very exciting. (Our colleague, Dr Pau Segui, has just been awarded his PhD in discrete optimisation.)

This event is by invitation only and places are strictly limited. Please register your attendance here using the password MERGE by 6th July. We look forward to seeing you there.

The MERGE Greenwich project results day will be taking place on Tuesday 17th July, from 9.30am - 11.30am.

The event will be held at:

DG Cities,
11th Floor,
6 Mitre Passage,
SE10 0ER